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Cristina Lollabrigida is a romance lover who was inspired to become an author. Several of her works are available on the Chapters-Interactive Stories app, where she’s been writing serialized works since 2021.

As of summer 2023, she is no longer a baby author!

Her podcast, Romance Obsessed with Lollagirl, is currently on hiatus. Season 1 episodes are still available for your listening pleasure. She hopes it will return soon.

She is originally from Chicago and lived for many years in rural Wisconsin. She currently lives with her husband and their three children in South Carolina.

Upholding the law was all Drake Walker ever wanted to do. Until he found himself married to the one person that could ruin him…

Alessandra Russo.

Daughter of the notorious mafia Don.

Sheltered member of Chicago’s elite.


She knows her life was never her own.


The day her father announced she was to be wed to a stranger, she only hoped her unknown husband would save her from her dark and deprived life.

Now married to the city’s top prosecutor, and the lead lawyer on the case against her brother, Alessandra finds herself in the balance of saving herself and saving her family. Relying on her training to meet her husband’s deepest desires, she vows to do what she can to keep her unwilling husband happy, and both of them alive.

Accidental Bride is an erotic, dark mafia romance with elements of BDSM and is intended for readers 18+ Includes triggers. It is book 1 of a duet and does end on a cliffhanger.

Trigger Warnings: Strong language, explicit sexual content (including bondage, spanking/impact play, exhibitionism, toys, & more), power dynamics, rough Dom/sub play that may not align with safe, real-life BDSM, dubious sexual consent, gun/knife violence, sexual assault, domestic abuse (not between hero/heroine), discussions of contemplating suicide, mental health, and abortion.

Excerpt from Accidental Bride

Tony took care of all the planning, allowing Alessandra to choose only her dress. Two weeks prior, her brother’s girlfriend, Jenny, had taken her to a dress shop on Randolph Street.

A bell could be heard from the rear of the shop as they entered. Shortly after, a slender woman with pink colored streaks and a hoop in her nose and brow, welcomed them with a flawless smile that didn’t quite reach her icy stare. “Welcome to 606 Bridal, ladies. Is one of you the lucky bride?”

“I am,” Alessandra admitted, feeling anything but.

The woman’s smile grew wider as if she was anticipating a sale. “You’ll make a stunning bride. When is the wedding?”

“It’s in two weeks.”

“I’m afraid that doesn’t give us much time.” Annoyance flashed across the woman’s face.

Alessandra pulled her father’s black card from her Hermès handbag and handed it to the saleswoman whose tag read Alicia. Her eyes widened as her manicured fingers grasped the card. “What is your name, Miss?”

The name Russo was on the black card. “Call me Alessandra.”

“Please follow me this way, Alessandra. I’d be happy to fetch you a glass of champagne as we discuss your needs.”

Alessandra and Jenny took seats on the plush purple loveseat while a team of women surrounded them. Rack after rack of dresses was brought for Alessandra to peruse. Noting that nothing seemed appealing to the bride-to-be’s tastes, the saleswoman asked, “What would your fiancé like?”

Alessandra laughed wryly. “It’s an arranged marriage to a stranger. I don’t care what he would like.”

“Alessandra,” Jenny said, scandalized.

Alessandra rolled her eyes at the petite woman sitting beside her. The bridal shop attendant appeared sympathetic and excused herself.

“Your father won’t like you discussing your affairs with everyone.” Jenny scolded her like a child.

“And who is going to tell him? You?”

“You’re being completely selfish, Alessandra. Why can’t you think of Marcello?”Jenny sniffed.

“I’m sorry, Jenny.” Alessandra frowned.

They were interrupted as Alicia re-entered, cradling a transparent plastic dress bag. She hung it on a rack and unzipped the bag with reverence. “This gown was custom-tailored for a bride whose wedding was canceled. If you’re interested, we can rush alterations.”

Alessandra tried on the show-stopping, cream-colored trumpet gown without batting an eye at the ten-thousand-dollar price tag. If she was forced to marry, her father would damn well pay for it. It was soft and sweet-meets-elegant and chic. Delicate floral lace, pearl beading, and textured tulle added a touch of luxe that an elite Chicago bride must have. The sheer back led to a lovely, ladylike train and didn’t hide the roundness of her ass or softness of her hips.

She couldn’t help the swirl of emotions as she ran her hand across the sweetheart neckline and down the side of the corset-style bodice. Her husband-to-be would surely appreciate the ample cleavage and her highlighted feminine curves.

“You look beautiful, Alessandra,” Jenny said.

“Does it matter?” Alessandra sighed. She turned back to the mirror and told herself not to get her hopes up. Looking the part didn’t mean anything.

Alessandra’s hands trembled as she fingered the four-carat diamond necklace and earring set she’d inherited from her mother. She said a silent prayer, asking her mother to bless her union. What wisdom would she impart to her daughter on her wedding day?

Q&A With Cristina Lollabrigida

I’ve loved to read as long as I can remember. I used to get in trouble for reading past my bedtime as I was always wanting to read at least one more chapter. Anywhere I went, I carried a book. My first vampire romance novel was written at 16. The hero and villain didn’t sparkle though. The work was full of death, drug use, and sexual content. It seems I was meant to be a dark romance author. Hopefully, I get to rewrite that story one day, but no hard copy exists anymore.

I am a mix of a plotter and a pantser. When inspiration strikes me for different scenes, I write them as they come and figure out where they’ll fit in later. I’ve been known to write at 2 AM because the characters told me their story, and I couldn’t sleep until it was written down. I also use talk-to-text in the car at times because a song on the radio triggers inspiration. I have a Macbook, iPhone, and iPad, so all my devices work off the Cloud together. I also have several notebooks to handwrite scenes or ideas.

Usually, if I’m not writing, I’m reading. There are several authors that I review regularly. Outside of that, my TBR is forever growing. I enjoy playing interactive story app games. If I love a story, I will play again to make different choices or romance a new love interest. I also enjoy crafting.

I employ self-care and decompress by spending time with my family.

Accidental Bride released at a level I hadn’t expected. So my husband and I celebrated with champagne and Olive Garden.

I discovered and fell in love with dark romance a few years ago. Accidental Bride is not new. I wrote it as a visual story back in late 2021. It was the #1 visual story for 6 weeks in early 2022. It hit 100k reads, and I decided to write the novel. I took the criticisms and comments from my early readers and dove in with both feet. My browser history would make a normal person blush.

Noah and Beth are based on friends of mine. They may know who they are, but I won’t say.

The most challenging part of writing this book was Alessandra’s back story. The moment she finally broke down before Drake and told him her story broke my heart as a writer and a reader. It was vital for her to share this for purposes of healing. Drake’s response was a huge catalyst for growth in their relationship. Writing Drake was a challenge because people loved to hate him. Finding his voice when the original story was only seen from Alessandra’s perspective was difficult. I rewrote a lot of his scenes to give him more emotional depth. I’m glad I made the changes I did because readers resonate with this couple.

Outside of the spicy scenes, I enjoyed writing about the gala Drake took Alessandra to. He doesn’t easily let people in. So the fact that he treated his wife to a romantic date night and showed her his passion was a real turning point for their relationship.

Brutal Prince – Sophie Lark Beautiful Carnage – Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti These were the first two mafia/dark romance authors I read.

Drake gently laid her in their bed. She rolled over and hugged her pillow immediately. Drake said goodnight to each delicious curve as he pulled the comforter over her. She sighed contentedly as he gathered her in his arms and pulled her against his chest.

“I’m sorry, bella. Loving me is poison, but I’m too selfish to let you go. I can’t live without you and will only break your heart,” he confessed to the dark.

His secrets continued to haunt him. He hoped she could forgive him for the continued deceit when she finally learned the truth.

Arrangements through marriage were often made to strengthen the standing and legitimacy of the families. Once he ensured Alessandra was safe, he’d cut her strings and offer her the chance to be free. It would kill him if she chose to walk away, but he loved her enough to let her go.

Noah because he is easygoing and fun to be around. Alessandra really needed someone like him who accepted her unconditionally.