Author Services

You've Done The Hard Part. Let Us Help.


Our dedicated, diverse team of readers posts promotional materials for your book to their following, ensuring maximum exposure through social media.


Our team posts on social media and blogs for a duration of five days, giving your book the exposure that it deserves!

ARC Teams

We manage your ARC team from beginning to end! Leave the recruiting and following up with your readers to us!


Choose between needing an in-depth review or focus on sentence structures.


We will check grammar, punctuation, correct word use, continuity, and for plot holes.

Blurbs & Taglines

Having trouble coming up with a good blurb for the back of your book? Let us help! We will also provide two taglines to go along with your manuscript.


We will build your newsletter, add and maintain forms and templates. Create up to two newsletters a month!

Book Covers

Choose from stunning pre-made covers, or commission your own custom design!

TikToks & Reels

Keeping up with trends is hard! Let us do it for you! We'll make your TikToks and Reels. Scheduled posting is also available.

Web Design

Want a custom website, created with you and your brand in mind? Let us help you make your design dreams come true!

Site Maintenance

Updating your site can be a breeze. Let us take care of that for you! One-time or scheduled maintenance available!