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Kimberly Ann lives in BC, Canada with her husband, two children and ridiculously cute German Shepherd. When she’s not dreaming of stories, she homeschools her two children as they explore the world together, reads anything she can get her hands on, and drinks a lot of coffee.

 Growing up with her head lost in a book, it was no surprise when she picked up a pen, or her laptop, to write her own. Kimberly Ann’s stories are based on the world around her as she brings her imagination to life with stories of small towns, swoon-worthy men, and the women that keep them on their toes.

Lila Jameson’s life had been nothing but hard work. Breaking the cycle of working endless jobs, she achieved her goal of owning a bakery with her best friend. That was, until her dreams went up in flames.


While her beloved bakery was restored after a massive fire, her apartment above was not. She’s left with no money, no car, no place to live. With nowhere to go, she’s forced to accept help from the one person that could both save her, and ruin her.

Travis Langston spent his life working towards being an officer on the Logan Creek Police Department. The chance of promotion is within his grasp, with the stipulation that he prove he’s dedicated to staying in Logan Creek.

With a murder that rocked the town, and a fake relationship with the only woman he’s ever truly wanted, Travis is at a crossroads about what he really wants out of life. Can he get the promotion and keep the woman he’s falling for?

Trigger Warning: Murder investigation, kidnapping, some violence on page.

Excerpt from Canadian Fall

The music blasting through her speakers made her happy she’d splurged on the wireless speakers she’d had installed. She bounced along to I’m a Slave 4 U while she brought the muffin tin to the sink, moving her hips like the famous VMA performance.

“Damn, Kitten. I didn’t know you could move like that.” A deep voice rumbled behind her.

Lila screamed, turning towards the door, holding the muffin tin up by her head like a bat. Her heart rate sky rocketed, eyes wide as she looked at the intruder.

A tall frame leaned against the doorway, arms crossed over his thick chest, and a white t-shirt straining against his well-defined muscles. Jeans hugged his muscular thighs that led down to his sneaker covered feet, which were crossed at the ankles. His dark blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes captured her attention, like they always did.

Why does he have to look so sexy all the fucking time?

“Travis! What the hell?” she said, lowering the tray and dropping it in the sink. “I could have killed you!”

Travis laughed. “Death by muffin pan. That’d be a new one.”

“What are you doing here?” She bit her bottom lip, holding back a laugh.

Okay, he can be funny.

He pushed off the door frame and strode to the middle of the room, swiping a muffin off the island.

“Hey!” Lila stomped towards him, trying to smack the muffin out of his hand.

Their height difference made it impossible. With her head only coming up to mid-chest, he held the muffin up out of her reach and unwrapped it.

He smiled down at her as he took a big bite. “Damn babe, this is good! What do you call this one?”

“Bite me,” Lila said with a sarcastic smirk.

“Hmm… I would work on the name of that. It doesn’t sound appealing.” He took another bite, closing his eyes and moaning. “This is delicious. Second thought, I want to bite this. Over and over.”

I wish he would do that to me… Fuck, stop thinking like that.

“One more time. What are you doing here?” Lila placed her closed fists on her hips.

She watched as he popped the last bit of muffin in his mouth and wiped it with his thumb, drawing attention to his pillowy lips, now covered in chocolate crumbs. The same lips that had haunted her dreams, and a few fantasies, since that weekend they spent together five years ago.

I want to lick the crumbs off those lips.

“I’m taking you to dinner.”

That snapped her out of her daydream and away from his lips. “What?”

“Dinner. Food. You know, the last meal of the day. Well, unless you finally take me up on my offer, that is. But that would be dessert,” he said with a wink.

“I can’t. I have plans.” Lila rolled her eyes. Heat radiated through her body, causing her to press her legs together at the thought of what he promised.

Fuck, I want that, though.

“Doing what?”

“That’s none of your business.” Lila turned and started packing up the remaining muffins in a box.

“Come on, babe. Don’t be like that.”

“What have I told you about calling me your silly little nicknames?” she asked without turning around.

His hard chest pressed against her back, hands on her hips. His warm breath fanned her neck before he spoke. “You know you love it.”

She hated how her body gave in to him. Leaning back, she relished in the warmth that ran up her back, spreading to everywhere they touched. As she gave in to his warmth, his hands slid along her stomach, resting just above her mound.

“It’s just dinner, Lila. Nothing else. I promise. I’ll even walk you to your door like a gentleman.”

Would one dinner really be that bad? I mean, it’s just food. I can put myself into a sugar coma after.

She thought of how she and Kade had just paid themselves a small amount from their profits that month. Surely, she’d be able to spare a couple dollars for an appetizer or drink.

Lila shook her head and stepped out of Travis’s embrace. “No, Travis. I can’t.”

Tears welled in her eyes. She refused to turn around, to let him see it upset her. If she looked into his chocolate brown eyes, she’d be done for. She would tell him everything, and that’s just not something she could risk.

What I wouldn’t give to go on a date with him. To let him in, let anyone in.

“Hey, what’s wrong, babe?” Travis asked quietly, placing his hands gently on her shoulder. “I want to help.”

“There’s nothing to help.” She took a deep breath, trying to steady her voice. “I’m fine. I just need to finish packing up these muffins and do my clean up. Please go home, Travis.”

“Don’t shut me out, babe. At least let me drive you to your hotel.”

Lila shook her head, “I’ll be fine.”

His arms circled her waist once more, drawing her back to him. He squeezed her gently in his embrace, bringing his lips to her temple.

The tenderness almost broke Lila. She squeezed her eyes shut against the tears that threatened to fall.

“Call me if you need me,” he said, pulling away from her.

The jingle above the front door and its quiet slam told her that he’d left. Rushing to the front, she locked the door and turned off the lights before watching as he climbed into his truck and drove away.

Covering her mouth with her hand, she let out the sob she’d been holding in from the moment he touched her.

Why couldn’t I be someone else? Someone who deserves a man like Travis?

Q&A With Kimberly Ann

I’ve always loved reading. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a book in my hand, which also turned into me writing. I started trying seriously in 2013 after having my daughter, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Chaos. I usually get the idea for a story or a character from a song and then I let them take shape from there. I’m not much of a plotter, but I usually have a general idea of what’s going to happen. I let the characters take the lead for most of it.

I homeschool my kids or I’m in the garden. We’re pretty busy with hockey and dance, so there’s not much free time.

I try to do something small like going to get a coffee or maybe buy a paperback I’ve had my eye on.

The characters for this book stemmed from the first book in the series, Canadian Summer. Travis and Lila tried stealing the show with their banter, so I had to give them their own book.

No, not really. They may draw from some characteristics of friends and family but they aren’t too similar.

Writing the murder investigation. Since I’m not much of a plotter, it was hard trying to keep up with the timeline and making sure it all made sense.

Their banter. I love the way Travis and Lila interact with each other. That part of the book was a lot of fun to write.

I always look up to Claire Kinglsey. I love how she makes you feel like you live in the small town the books are based in. I always hope I can convey the same feeling with my books.

“What’s got you smiling like that so early, sugar?”

Lila screamed. She grasped the closest thing to her side, which happened to be a spatula, and held it up to the intruder.

“Dammit, Travis! What the hell?” Her heart was beating so loudly she thought for sure he could hear it.

Travis chuckled. “First a pan, now a spatula? What’s next? Will you attack me with a whisk?”

I want to meet all of them! I would give them all hugs and just want to grab a drink with them.