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AK Landow is a recovering attorney living outside of the Philadelphia area with her husband, who she secretly pined for through her teen years, three crazy hormonal daughters, and multiple animals.

She enjoys reading, now writing, drinking copious amounts of vodka, and laughing. Having discovered there’s no other need in the world for funny perverts, she’s thrilled to have this new avenue to channel her age-inappropriate sense of humor.

She published the first four books in the City of Sisterly Love series in 2022, with more slated for 2023. She initially wrote the first book, Knight, because it pisses her off that there are no FMCs over the age of 40. She wrote it as an FU to the romance community to let them know that “oldies” still get it on. She fell so madly in love with both being an author and her fictitious family, that she can’t seem to stop writing.

The entire series centers around a group of strong, intelligent, confident, and supportive women. The central family is known for severe cases of oversharing and walking in on each other. Hilarity often ensues.

Her writing is known for laughs, tears, and being one-handed reads.

Skylar Lawrence is the quiet sister. The one that doesn’t need to be the center of attention. The one who wants happiness above all else. She’s been content to stay in the background and support her sisters as their stars shine bright. 

She internalizes her struggles. The lingering pain of losing her father, followed by the ending of her relationship with the man she thought was her forever.

For the first time in a year, she meets a man that intrigues her. A sexy stranger that seems as affected by her as she is by him. She gives in to her desires, only to find out moments later that he’s about to become her professional enemy.

They battle for the most coveted project in the industry. Their passion on the battlefield threatens to bleed from the boardroom to the bedroom. Constantly teetering on that fine edge until it becomes too much for both of them. 

Has she finally met the perfect man? The man who both showers her with adoration and supports her eccentric fantasies. Perhaps she’ll get her HEA, just like her sisters. That’s until the past comes back to threaten their future.

Excerpt from conflicting ventures


I’m home with a glass of wine, sitting on my couch. I love what I do, but sometimes it’s exhausting.

It’s been a long few days of work. Lance and I aren’t getting as much done as we used to, though we’re painfully aware of the cameras now. It’s stolen kisses, subtle touches, and a lot more smiles.

There’s rarely a moment when we’re together that he doesn’t touch me. He doesn’t play games. He doesn’t play hard to get. He’s passionate about me, and makes it clear every second we’re together. He makes me feel cherished in a way I haven’t for a very long time. 

Lance said he needed to stay home and study, so I won’t see him tonight. I find myself wanting to be with him. I’d rather he was sitting here with me. We’ve been together for a week and I’m already missing him when we’re not together. I can admit that I’m totally whipped.

There’s an unusually loud banging noise at my door. It sounds like someone is pounding their fists as hard as possible on it. 

I start walking toward the door when I hear a deep voice yell, “Police, open up. Now.”

I start to internally freak out. What do the police want with me?

I open the door and am immediately relieved and excited by what I see. It’s Lance in a full-fledged cop uniform, including a hat and aviator sunglasses. It’s snug on his big body and fits him in all the right places. I feel my cheeks flushing at the simple sight of him like this. He notices and the corner of his mouth raises. 

My chin must drop too because he reaches his finger out and lifts it. He doesn’t break character otherwise.

In a deep, authoritative voice, he says, “Ma’am, we have a problem.”

I play my part. “I can’t imagine what it could be, officer. I’m a very good girl. How can I help you?”

“I’m sorry to bother you, but we’ve received a reliable tip that you’re a drug mule. I’m afraid I’m going to have to check your body thoroughly. Very thoroughly.”

Q&A With Ak landow

I came from TL Swan’s Cygnets writing group. I initially wrote Knight as an FU to the romance community for never having FMCs over 40. I feel in love with both writing and my fictitious family.

 I write the prologue and then at least two sex scenes. It helps me establish the chemistry between the two MCs before I truly get into things.

My kids’ sports, hang with family and friends, some traveling.

I immediately start the next because the wheels are turning. LOL

I honestly enjoy the immediate reader feedback. Things that made them laugh, cry, or swoon.

 As I mentioned above, I initially wrote Knight as an FU to the romance community for never having FMCs over 40. I feel in love with both writing and my fictitious family. I keep writing stories of different characters in the same family.

Yes. Most are fictionalized versions of real people.

I thought About Last Knight (the final full-length novel in the previous series) was the best book I’ve written. I was unsure I could write something better.

I’ve become known for the funny boundaryless family interactions. Writing those make me laugh. Trying to come up with new ways for this crazy family to blur appropriate boundaries is always fun.

Always TL Swan. She’s an inspiration to women supporting women. My three author besties are Jade Dollston, Carolina Jax, and L.A. Ferro. We support each other every single day.