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Kaylee Losey lives in Michigan with her husband and three dogs, who are all looking forward to the arrival of their baby girl at the end of February. She currently works as a behavior therapist for children with trauma, and is working toward her dream of being a full-time author. Kaylee is a lover of dogs, wine, books, and leg day.

Jett Miller is the best. The best friend, the best brother, the best Christmas tree decorator…and the best at getting friend-zoned. Until her. They just clicked. He talked, she laughed, and maybe for the first time in his life he didn’t stutter over his words or fall into some weird accent that sent her running the other way. The problem? She works for one of his best friends – a major league All-Star – and lives about 2,000 miles away in sunny Los Angeles. What chance does a small-town sports bar owner from Michigan have with a girl like that?

Zoey Nunez has two main responsibilities: Taking care of her family and taking care of her client. Between her father, her two younger siblings, and her hard-hitting client who is a magnet for trouble, she doesn’t have a whole lot of time for romance. Besides, she wants classic romance and chivalry, if it’s not completely dead. She wants someone different from all the cocky, self-absorbed men she’s so accustomed to. Maybe someone a little too obsessed with tacos and Christmas movies. But men like that don’t exist where she’s from. No, she’s pretty sure that man only exists on the other side of the country.

When the off-season hits and Zoey gets the chance to take a winter wonderland vacation to Northern Michigan,  she’s got one thing on her mind: The hunky bar owner who hasn’t left her thoughts in months. Was their insta-love moment a thing of true love, or was it just a sizzling obsession that will burn out before the season ends?