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Now it’s time to upload your manuscript!

Before you upload your manuscript, please double-check to make sure the following criteria is met.

  • Your manuscript is saved as a .docx file.
  • All chapters are separated by headers (please make sure all POV titles are also clearly indicated with “subheaders” such as Header 3, etc.)
  • Scene breaks are clearly visible (if not, please place three asterisks in the appropriate locations ***)
  • All forward and back matter is included in this document (such as Praise For, Dedication, Epigraph, Foreword, Introduction, Content Warning, Preface, Afterwords, Acknowledgment pages).

Please bear in mind, our formatters are not editors. We will not be combing through your manuscript to look for grammatical errors. Please make sure that you are satisfied with the final editing before uploading. That being said, we understand that some things slip through the cracks! Before completion, we can make small alterations (such as replacing words, adding a missing quotation mark, etc.). If this is the case, please compile a document with the requested alterations and email it to

Note: We will not replace entire chapters, or large walls of text. If there are large revisions, we can pause work until the appropriate edits are made. You can then email us the full, revised manuscript. You can pause the creation process at any time by emailing

Further revisions will incur an additional fee of $10.

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