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Ellie Sanders

Ellie Sanders lives in rural Hampshire, in the U.K. with her partner and two troublesome dogs.

She has a BA Hons degree in English and American Literature with Creative Writing and enjoys spending her time, when not endlessly writing, exploring the countryside around her home.

She is best known for her standalone taboo romance ‘Good Girl’ but has also published a series of spy erotica books ‘The BlackWater Series’ as well as her dark mafia romance novel Vendetta.

Dead. That’s what I am. What Verona believes. But now I have nothing to live for. Nothing else to lose.

A dark, sexy, modern Romeo and Juliet retelling.

Darius has all but erased me. He’s destroyed my house, stolen my sister and forced her to marry Otto to ensure they get my millions. And worse, far worse, he has his grubby hands on my Rose, and my daughter too. But what he doesn’t realise is he’s put the nail in his own coffin. I will have my vengeance this time, I will save my family, even if I have to destroy this entire city to do it.

Dead. He’s dead. Murdered. And now I’m stuck, playing the sunshine princess once more, only this time I have to endure far worse than Paris’s disgusting treatment. And I will. I will endure everything they send my way. I will do whatever it takes to protect my daughter, the last part of Roman that I have left. But what they’re starting to learn is that this princess isn’t just enduring. Oh no. I’m changing too. I’m twisting, evolving, becoming like the very monsters around me and very soon I will rise up and make them pay for every insult, every hurt, every bit of abuse we suffer.

Dual POV Duet. Angst AF.

This is a dark retelling so please check the triggers. This duet is not for the faint hearted. Perfect for fans of H.D Carlton, Shantel Tessier. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Excerpt from Uprising

We’re in his house, in his bed, curled up. I don’t know what the time is. I don’t care.

I only know Roman is here, that he’s with me, and in this moment that’s all that matters.

He leans in and kisses my lips gently, softly.

I feel the lingering imprint of that kiss so deeply in my soul as he does it.

“Rose.” He murmurs.

Even the way he says my name does something to me.

I blink, feeling a wave of sorrow, a wave of guilt. My tears are falling hard down my cheeks.

He brushes each one aside with his thumb but more fall.

Only they keep falling. They don’t stop.

“I’m letting you down.” I whisper it.

“No.” He says.

“I am. I’m betraying you.”

He shakes his head.

“I can’t do this, not without you.”

“You can Rose, you’re so much stronger than you realise.”

I sob then. I’m not strong, I’m weak. So weak. I keep ending up in this same shitty situation and every time I’m out maneuvered. Beaten. Pathetic.

He pulls me in, holds me to his body, and I can smell him as I bury my face into his neck.

“Forgive me.” I say.

“There’s nothing to forgive.” He says back.

“Yes there is.” I sob. “Because it should be us.”

“I know.”

“It should be us.” I snarl. My anger surging, every pent up emotion I’ve been trying to numb suddenly there, boiling, erupting up inside me.

“It will be one day.”

“How can it?” I gasp. He’s dead. He’s gone. There is no ‘us’ now. There is no anything and there never will be.

He tilts his head. “Maybe not in this life. Maybe we will have to wait until the next…”

I let out a whimper. I can’t spend my life without him. I can barely manage one day, how can I live for years like this? For decades?

“Love like ours doesn’t die, Rose. Love like ours never dies.”

“But you did.” I say. “You died. You left me, you left me and Lara.”

I know it’s unfair to be angry at him, to see this as his fault but he promised, he promised he would save us and yet here we are.

But then I promised too, didn’t I? I promised to marry him and here I am about to marry another man instead.

My body slumps as that realisation hits me. “I let you down.” I murmur.

He shakes his head, cups my cheek. “You’ve never let me down.”

I stare back at him, no longer capable of words. This man changed my life, this man is my life. My soul and his are connected, joined, one and the same.

And yet he is gone.

He is gone.

And I am here, stuck in this world, stuck in this hateful place, knowing I will never wake and see his face, that I’ll never see his smile, never hear his laughter or feel his touch ever again.

“I can’t do it.” I gasp. “I can’t do this. I can’t live without you.”

Only he doesn’t reply. He just fades away, leaving me with my tears and my pain and the knowledge that when I awake the man beside me will no doubt punish me for daring to speak his name again. For daring to utter it.

Q&A With Ellie Sanders

I’ve always been writing for as long as I can remember, from little stories and poems to fully fledged novels as a teenager that I now reread back and cringe at. I did a degree in creative writing and after having the words bouncing around in my head for so long I decided it was high time I turned my dreams into reality and started publishing last year.

I am a bit of a manic writer. I have ADD so I luckily (or unluckily) have something called hyper-focus which means I can sit and write for seven hours straight without moving, drinking, peeing, anything! It means I can get a lot of words down in a relatively short space and time – as quickly as my fingers can physically type them! Plus, I suffer from insomnia and spend many a night writing away the dark hours until the sun rises. I usually have two WIP’s on the go at one time so I can bounce between them, for some reason this helps to keep the creative process flowing. I generally live off chocolate and coffee and find them the perfect diet for my imagination, if not for health reasons.

Me and my fiance bought a do-er upper two years ago so every minute I’m not writing, I’m either painting, sanding, or smashing out walls with a sledge hammer – it’s very therapeutic, especially when my characters aren’t playing ball.

I always have a drink to celebrate. I also find it both satisfying and sometimes quite a bittersweet moment, especially if it’s a standalone and I won’t be writing about the characters again. It feels like I’m parting ways with an old friend. 

I’m not sure I ever have! I think the writing process is so involved that by the time I’m publishing it I’m just excited to be holding a physical copy in my hand and that is enough.

This duet is one I’ve wanted to write for a while. I knew it would be dark and I wanted to lean heavily on the stalker and secrets aspect. I also spent a long time psychologically delving into Rose’s headspace and hopefully as her character develops you get a better understanding of where all those horrible emotions come from. 

Not exactly but I do like to pull certain traits from people around me. I think it adds to the roundness of the characters and makes them more individual and believable. 

For this second part of the duet it’s a lot dark and there’s a lot more tiggers. It was a challenge to write some parts without becoming gratuitous and yet at the same time allowing you to experience the level of abuse / trauma that Rose experiences and the relief at her final redemption.

Chapter 80. If you read the book then you’ll know exactly why 😉

For Downfall I was really inspired by the works of Shantel Tessier and H.D Carlton, but Uprising takes such a twist and I’m not sure anything inspired it beyond delving into the darker recesses of my own mind. 

Towards the end of the book certain revelations are made. Rose is still so caught up in what she was forced to do, like it’s her fault, like she needs to apologise, and I love the way Roman just walks away from getting more answers, that he values their love and their relationship above the need for revenge. It’s a very powerful scene because up until that point the whole focus has been on exactly that, revenge.  But he recognises how damaged she is and how much she needs him in that moment and he puts her needs above everything else. It’s just beautiful and very symbolic of how their relationship develops through the duet.

It would be Ben. He’s not a prominent character and yet he’s very very necessary to the book. He’s the guy you overlook, the friend who never ‘gets’ the girl. He’s so loyal, and such a good person. I’d love to give him a hug and apologise because in many ways he deserves a better HEA than I’m writing for him. Sorry Ben and please don’t hold it against me.