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AK Landow is a recovering attorney living outside of the Philadelphia area with her husband, who she secretly pined for through her teen years, three crazy hormonal daughters, and multiple animals.

She enjoys reading, now writing, drinking copious amounts of vodka, and laughing. Having discovered there’s no other need in the world for funny perverts, she’s thrilled to have this new avenue to channel her age-inappropriate sense of humor.

She published the first four books in the City of Sisterly Love series in 2022, with more slated for 2023. She initially wrote the first book, Knight, because it pisses her off that there are no FMCs over the age of 40. She wrote it as an FU to the romance community to let them know that “oldies” still get it on. She fell so madly in love with both being an author and her fictitious family, that she can’t seem to stop writing.

The entire series centers around a group of strong, intelligent, confident, and supportive women. The central family is known for severe cases of oversharing and walking in on each other. Hilarity often ensues.

Her writing is known for laughs, tears, and being one-handed reads.

INDECENT VENTURES: Belles of Broad Street Book 2
🎬Second Chance
💪🏻Strong FMC

JADE: I didn’t have the easiest childhood. An absent father and eccentric mother caused me to have to grow up fast and left me damaged in relationships. Control is important to me. I maintain control in my relationships with men, never letting them get too close. Four years ago, I met a much older man that gave me the best night of my life. He opened my eyes to pleasure I never could have imagined before he vanished into thin air. He’s reappeared in my life. The chemistry is undeniable. Oh, and he’s the best friend of my longtime crush, but maybe my crush isn’t the most intriguing man in my life anymore.

COLLIN: Four years ago, I made a mistake with the cousin of my best friend’s wife. The same wife I’ve had a crush on since the day I met her. That mistake is back in my life, and we can’t seem to stay away from each other. For the first time in years, I’m fantasizing about a woman who’s not my best friend’s wife. Jade and I want the same thing. A no-strings good time. A secret no one needs to know about. The problem is, she’s the perfect woman for me, and secrets have a way of coming out.

*This is an interconnected standalone in the Belles of Broad Street series.

Excerpt from Indecent Ventures

I’m deep in thought about the places I’d like to go when I hear my text tone. I look down at my phone.

 Unknown: What are you wearing? 

Me: Depends on who’s asking. Unknown: The sexiest man alive. 

Me: Henry Cavill, how did you get my cell number? You finally got all the naked pictures I mailed you? 

Unknown: Please resend them so I can confirm your identity. 

I laugh. Whoever is texting me at least has a sense of humor. 

Me: You first. 

I’m not prepared for a return text of a photo of a giant, hard penis. The same giant, hard penis that’s been on my mind all week. 

Me: Collin Fitz. It’s good to see your big head. 

Unknown: I love that you were able to identify me from my cock. Still the biggest you’ve ever had? 

Me: Maybe. You also just so happened to have a very distinguishable, very pleasurable piercing. How did you get my number? 

Collin: I may have swiped it from Reagan’s phone when I was at their house this week. 

Me: I hope you didn’t steal any nudes of her. She undoubtedly has a few on her phone. 

Collin: I didn’t think of that. There’s only one naked blonde woman on my mind right now. 

Me: Hmm. Margot Robbie? She’s hot. She’s on my mind too. She could turn me. Though I do like D a little too much. 

Collin: Any particular D? 

Me: Nope. I’m all for equal opportunity D. 

Collin: Are you sure about that? You seemed mighty pleased with my D the other day. You came all over it. I smelled you for hours. 

Everything he says is sexy. I should be smart right now and end this conversation, but I enjoy sparring with him, and I can’t help that I’m getting turned on by simply staring at the picture of his dick. I’m saving that into my photos. It’s such a perfect dick. I’m remembering what it did to my body the other day. I slide my hand into my panties. Yep, I’m really turned on. I can apparently still type with one hand though. I have mad skills. 

Me: My lips are sealed. Your head is already big enough. 

Collin: Which head? The big one or the REALLY big one? 

Me: Send another pic so I can confirm from all angles. 

Of course he sends another photo. 

Damn, that’s a good-looking dick. 

Collin: What are you doing? 

Me: Totally not touching myself to the sight of your best attribute. 

Collin: Can I watch? 

Me: You’re not going to take screenshots and post them on social media are you? 

Collin: I’m not sixteen. Let me watch you. I’ll talk you through it. 

That’s a rather appealing proposition. 

Me: Promise to make it extra dirty? 

Collin: Is there any other way? I’ll even pinkie promise. 

I laugh at that. He must have nieces. 

Me: Fine. My phone immediately rings with a video call request. I accept and see his gorgeous face on my screen. He smiles. “Hey, beautiful.” 

“I was hoping to see your other head. The better looking one.”

Q&A With AK Landow

I came from TL Swan’s Cygnets group. I initially only intended on writing one book, Knight, because it pisses me off that there are so few FMCs over the age of 40. I wrote Knight as an FU to the romance community that us oldies still get it on. But then I fell in love with both writing and my fictitious family. I sort of fell in love with my author community too.

I write the prologue and then I immediately write the first intimate scene. It helps me establish their chemistry. I DO NOT write in chapter order. I write when inspiration strikes.

Pickleball. I play a lot. I have 3 teenage daughters, so those crazy bitches take up a lot of my time too.

I bite my nails as I wait for my first-level beta readers to finish reading it. I get more nervous for the beta round than for the ARC or release.

Honestly, I’m usually writing the next book that day. I love it so much. It relaxes me.

I had planned on starting a completely new series with new characters. BUT: 1) people were begging me to write more of the characters from my first series; and 2) I ultimately determined that I write because it makes me happy. I LOVE my fictitious family. I wasn’t ready to leave their universe. So this series is a spinoff of the first. Some old characters. Some new.

Yes, several, especially the core family. Reagan Lawrence, in particular, was written as a tribute to my middle daughter who colors outside the box.

We’ve seen both of these characters before. We met Collin in Daulton as Carter’s best friend. He briefly appeared in Conflciting Ventures. We met Jade when she was younger in About Last Knight. She also appeared in a few scenes in Conflicting Ventures. They were both written as funny, filterless, boundaryless characters. Pairing them together is a witty banter explosion. I felt like I was writing a more risque episode of Gilmore Girls at times.

Honestly, the same answer as above. Writing rapid-fire, witty banter is fun for me. These two characters are hysterical when apart. Together, it’s spit your drink out of your nose laughter.

I don’t know that anyone inspired this particular book, but authors who inspire me to write: Jade Dollston TL Swan Siobhan Davis Max Monroe

“He really got to you.” 

“He treated you like shit. That bothered me. It should bother you too. Don’t let him talk to you like that. No one should.” 

I shrug. “I guess I’m the family screw-up. I let them get their punches in. I’m mostly happy with my life. I try not to let it bother me. It’s always been this way.” 

She zips her jeans and then gives me a quick kiss. “It’s bullshit, Collin. You’re better than him. Look at what you created. You’re more talented than him, you’re better-looking than him, you obviously have a better personality than him, and you probably have a bigger dick than him. He’s jealous. Plain and simple.” 

I pull her body to mine and kiss her neck. “I definitely have a bigger dick than him.”

She pushes me away. “I’m serious. I’m about to rain holy hell on him. Let him fucking talk to you like that in front of me again.” 

“Are you going to kick his ass?” 

“If I have to.” 

“You’re sexy when you get mad.” 

She flips her hair. “I’m always sexy.” 

“True. Now sit so we can be lowered down. Let’s do our walk of shame.” 

“I’m not ashamed. I’ll pimp walk out of here with my head held high.” 

Yep, I might have found the perfect woman.

I’ve written so many strong females along the way. They’re each special to me. Cassandra Blackstone has been a constant presence since chapter 1 of my first book, and I love her dearly. That being said, Jade McGinley, the FMC in Indecent Ventures, has captured my heart.