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Cindy Houghton

I’m a wife and mother of two amazing kiddos, living in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy cooking, photography, reading romance novels and now writing them. For years I scribbled poems our thoughts into notebooks before taking a step to put myself out there as an independent author. The writing bug has taken hold and in between family life and a full-time job, I pour myself into my stories.

Charlotte had the life and career she wanted. Never one for big emotions she is content to be single, independent and a dedicated Deputy. But when she is forced to deal with the aftereffects of a brutal attack, she pushes her feelings even further down. Pushing away everyone she cares about. When a handsome doctor enters the picture, she is torn between the life she had and the one she didn’t think she wanted.

Trigger Warning: Brutal attack, anxiety/depression, PTSD

Excerpt from Living Charlotte

Our teams split up and went to our respected places behind stacked hay bales. There were buckets for each team filled with water balloons in team colors. I could see the black and white flag hanging above a kiddie pool of soapy water. Underneath was a tarp that looked like it had dish soap sprayed across it. 

I could see a smug look on Charlie’s face when she caught me looking at the set up. She pointed at me and then gave me a thumbs down. I responded by dragging my thumb across my neck and then pointing at her. We were worse than the kids we were paired with. 

The first round had Trent and Colton face off against each other. The moms cheered while the dads hurled shaving cream bombs at them. While each team lobbed water balloons. As soon as they hit they slippery tarp the laughter erupted as they slid around trying to get to the kiddie pool.

Q&A With Cindy Houghton

I have always loved writing and putting my thoughts on paper. Since high school I have had journals and notebooks full of thoughts, quotes or poems. For me it was a way to get emotions out that weren’t easily discussed. After leaving a highly stressful and sometimes dangerous job I decided to start writing. My first book was published under a pen name because I wasn’t sure about putting myself out there. Since then, I have published another book under my real name, while working on my next book.

Ideas come to me at the most random times, so I carry a notebook with me. When I’m ready to write I turn on some country music and just let myself get lost in the tapping of keys.

I love to cook and take pictures. My two little ones keep me pretty busy as well.

This book came from taking some of my own experiences and feelings from a career working in a jail.

I put a little bit of myself in every story. Whether it be some place I’ve lived, people I have met or even jobs that I have done. This book is personal because I spent five years workings as a Deputy Sheriff in a county jail. The emotions and uncertainty of that Charlotte feels about her job are very real.

Keeping the flow going. My mind sometimes races and it’s a mad dash to get it all out in a way that will make the story flow.

I like the sarcastic banter between different characters throughout the book. I enjoy evolving relationships and character traits.

Lucy Score; Clair Kingsley; Lauren Landish; Pippa Grant

“How did you know it was going to be ok?” I said leaning my arms on the table.

“I didn’t,” Clarence looked me in the eyes. “Miss Charlotte there is nothing guaranteed to us in this world, except we are born, and we die. What we do between those two things is up to us. If we’re lucky we get to live a life that is full of laughter and love.”

Julia, for sure. She is just such a quick-witted badass Mama. I think we all need a little Jules in our lives.