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Nikki Lincoln is a hopeless romantic first and a contemporary romance author second. Her debut novel, Sabrina September Is A Liar, will launch on the 28th of April 2023.

Nikki’s novels portray healthy relationships, real-life struggles, and toe-curlingly good chemistry, drama and hard-won happily ever afters.

When she isn’t gentle parenting within an inch of her life or reading, you’ll find her in her office, plotting, writing, scheming, and removing hundreds of utterances of the f-word from her novels.

Nikki lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her two daughters – Sophie and Grace – her partner and their yappy Jack Russell, Charlie.

Sometimes perfect love finds you at the most imperfect time.

At least that was what she’d spent nine years, eight months, and six days telling herself. But when it comes to her true feelings, Sabrina September has always been a prolific liar. Their love had arrived at the perfect time, but fear was a destructive force in matters of the heart.

Ten years ago, she arrived in Japan, broken, lost, and desperately searching for a way back to herself. But in between the wonder of summer in a new city, vending machine curry, and new best friends, she found Max Harris. In his arms, she discovered the one place in the world she felt safe enough to tell the truth.

Until real and terrifying obstacles disrupted their perfect love, and fear became the hammer that shattered her heart.
Now, a decade later, Sabrina takes a massive leap of faith and moves to North Carolina.
If you asked her family, she was there to complete her PH.D.
If you asked her heart, she was there to get him back.

Join Sabrina and Max in a world where summer is for losing your heart to love, and fall is for fighting to get it back.

Told across a dual timeline, split between then and now, romance author Nikki Lincoln, weaves loss, love, and the ache of past mistakes in this steamy contemporary second chance romance.

Sabrina September Is A Liar is a full-length contemporary romance with a guaranteed (but hard-won) Happily Ever After, profanities, and sexually explicit scenes (the door is wide open). This book contains mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences. For all content warnings, check the author’s website.
This book is intended for audiences 18+

Excerpt from Sabrina September is a liar

I was currently stuck in what I could only describe as a real-life episode of WAGs of the United States Marine Corps.

“Y’all see the U-Haul in front of Kaylee’s last night?” One of the four blondes seated in front of me dramatically whispered.

“Every deployment,” another blonde sighed.

“You’d think they’d have a stronger backbone. It’s what we sign up for, right?” Her hands made a sweeping gesture to the brightly lit room.

Exactly what she was implying was unclear to me. Had they signed up to wait in the visitors’ center for replacement I.D. cards?

“These boys never learn, always so eager to put a ring on the first pair of legs to spread for them after basic,” brunette number… wait, she was the only brunette, said.

If I was braver, I would’ve jumped in and told them that “these boys” were barely adults before the Marine Corps pushed them into terrifying environments with almost zero emotional support. If I’d had a little more courage, I might’ve said that “these boys” fell in love quickly because they were driven by a constant need for human connection. After all, while they’re dumped into situations with forced camaraderie, at night when they went to bed, they were alone. Grabbing on to love with both fucking hands was natural when everything else in your life felt fragile and impermanent.

But I wasn’t brave. So I just sat there feeling terrible for poor Kaylee, who was currently being maligned within an inch of her life. Lowering my eyes, I stared at my utterly ridiculous Halloween-themed pedicure. I couldn’t stop the nostalgia; thinking about him and how we’d rushed into a love so perfect and pure ten years ago. Fuck, I wasn’t ready for this.

“I swear!” One of the blondes interrupted my thoughts.

“Now he’s off God knows where, while his cheating wife gets to pack up everything she wants from the house she never even had to pay for.” They were wholly over this traitorous Kaylee and honestly, now she wasn’t looking too good in my book either. You only had to sit through twenty minutes of Jarhead to know that cheating during your husband’s deployment was worse than any other form of cheating.

During their tea spill, I felt their collective stares land on me, and I knew they had cottoned on to my eavesdropping. Suddenly self-conscious, I tapped my chunky white slides on the carpet tile, pulling my toes into an epic stress crunch. I should have worn closed shoes. The silky, turmeric-colored slip dress was inappropriate enough, but then I’d gone and paired it with a chunky knit lilac and lemon cardigan and possibly the most ridiculous sandals Doc Martens had ever made. My hair, currently a knotted mess, was piled high on my head in my signature deranged librarian topknot. I looked extremely unprofessional.

“Sabrina? Sabrina September?”

It took me a minute to register the sound of my name being called. Being here, eavesdropping on the wives, the overwhelming smell of disinfectant, this room filled with men in uniform, the sounds that were so painfully unique to life on a military base, and so painfully familiar to me… This was the exact brand of nostalgia I dreaded, the kind I was simply unwilling to open myself up to.

“Sabrina September?” He called louder this time.

“Here! I’m here! Sorry.” Standing, I attempted the impossible task of trying to look more put together and in control of my supposedly adult life. My hands traveled down the front of my dress, smoothing out some of the more shallow creases. I wished I’d grabbed a coffee before driving here, something that would have kept my hands busy while I weathered the stares of the wives who were now obviously whispering about me. I felt the burn of their eyes at the back of my head as I walked from the seating area of the visitors’ center to his desk nestled in one of the eight cubicles stationed against the back wall.

“Sorry. Hi, I’m Sabrina.” I offered him my hand.

“No problem. September, huh? That’s a weird last name.” He wrapped my hand in his large one and shook it firmly. He was everything I had grown to expect from the United States Marine Corps, tall, confident, muscular, and about to write me off as a flake.

Q&A With Nikki lincoln

Like many women across the world, during lockdown I was forced to wear so many new hats. I was already “mom” and “babe” and “employee” but suddenly I was vaulted into full-time homeschool teacher as well. All of the additional responsibility without any additional time triggered one of the most severe depressive episodes I had ever experienced. I have always loved to read, and more and more I began to escape into my little imaginary worlds of fae and mafia bosses and one day, while chatting to a friend about an idea for a book, she said “you should just write it,” and so I did. I had no expectations. As an adult with ADHD I didn’t even expect to finish it. But the more I wrote, the more I reconnected with the woman I used to be before lockdown. And now here we are. One book complete and ready for the world, another half completed and 2 more plotted.

I usually start with music. It is such an integral part of writing for me. It helps me place and anchor myself in the scenes I want to write. I am a heavy plotter, so once I have the book plotted, I make a writing playlist, light a candle, grab some snacks and get stuck in.

I read a lot. I spend a lot of time being a mom to my two girls and I walk – I love walking.

This is the first book I’ve finished and I haven’t figured out how to properly celebrate it yet.

Tori is similar to someone I know yes. A lot of her mannerisms and sayings were inspired by a real life friend of mine.

Editing. It was so much easier to write a book than it was to go through the editing process.

I wouldn’t say inspired, but books that I look up to and authors who inspire me are Kennedy Ryan, Tia William’s Seven Days In June, KA Tucker – the way she writes is so beautiful. Meghan Quinn because I am not funny and I would love to be haha.

Gosh it’s difficult to choose just one, but there is a scene where our main characters are having an argument. And the depth of emotion I managed to tap into felt so real to me: 


“Why are you here, Sabrina?” I demanded, again.

“I miss you,” she whispered, her voice breaking a little. I could see the tears welling in her eyes. Tears designed to bring me to my knees.

“I mean, I have missed you. For ten years,” she finished.

“Don’t say shit like that to me, Bri.” I took a step towards her. “Not after you left me.” I took another step.

“You walked away!” I bit out, stepping forward and obliterating the remaining space between us.

“Jesus, Max.” She looked up at me, tears swimming in her beautiful eyes. “When you met me, I was like the needle on a broken compass. Spinning and spinning, trying to find direction. Trying to navigate life as an adult with trauma and baggage.”

“You were my compass!” I roared, gripping her chin. I knew it had to hurt, I didn’t care. A sick part of me wanted to hurt her, wanted her to feel the way I felt.

“Mon kè, remember?” I forced her to look at me. “My heart! You were my whole fucking heart. That’s the fucking difference, Sabrina. You miss me at night, when you’re curled up in bed and the dust has settled on your day. I miss you with every single breath I take. When you left, you took a piece of me with you, a vital piece, the piece I needed to keep going, to live. And I have spent the better part of a decade fighting to get that piece back.”