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A bestselling independent author from Florida, Liza has been putting romance books into her readers hands for over a half decade and has loved every minute of it.

Liza lives with her husband, her two dogs and her cat, ten minutes from the beach. When she isn’t writing, you can often find her walking and enjoying outside, with a coffee and a book in hand.


Growing up, I was mesmerized by a man soaring the skies.

The greatest silk aerialist in the world, Chandler Moreau.

He was once my lifeline, the dream I clung to after my parents died. I’ve always believed he was my destiny. To join him at the Dreamers Academy. To perform for him.

To soar with him.

He’s more than I ever imagined. Far more than a mentor. When I am high in the silks, turning, flying, falling, he’s my lifeline once again. Twisting my heart and my body into knots like the knots of his beloved Japanese rope bondage, Shibari.

I don’t want to live without him. With each lesson, each touch, I crave more. Only he can satisfy me. And only he can destroy me…

But I must keep him safe from the past that relentlessly follows me.


She is my protégé, the student I’ve been waiting to take under my wing for my entire career. Someone with whom I could share my lifelong journey in my family’s circus, Cirque du Lys.

I never intended to fall in love with the student I was supposed to protect—from myself and the demons that lurk in my shadows. But sometimes fate has other plans.

Cassandra, my beautiful butterfly. I know she’s off limits. Forbidden. Still, I want her in my life. My heart. My bed.

My grandfather’s taunting words still linger.

Mieux vaut plier que rompre.

Adapt and survive.

It’s what we must do. Cassandra and I share a history that entwines us more than the silks we’ve spent our lives mastering ever could.

There are secrets from the past that must never be told. And truths that could destroy what we’ve just begun…

More to Love:

In addition to the paperback, Obedience is also available in a full-cast narrated audiobook, starring Daniel Zbel and Rapunzaroo, along with a cast of additional voiceover actresses. Brought to life in the way the story is meant to be told, and it will be the best audiobook you listen to this year—possibly for a very long time. You’ll love listening to the two voices of these iconic characters. And don’t forget to read along with them and enjoy a fantastic, immersive experience. You’ll need the paperback copy to fan yourself off from some of the narration!

Excerpt from Obedience

I hadn’t needed to prompt her. She began, pulling herself upward, drawing those silks around her small frame as she went. Climbing high into the air as the two women began their duet. The French lyrics pulled me in every time. It was perhaps one of the reasons that while I simply tolerated most opera songs I’d heard, I adored this song.

Every time I heard it, every time I got lost in those little nuances of the language, it brought me back to summertime in Melun, France. Playing on the hills overlooking the city, lost in the grasses filled with wildflowers. Climbing into Meme’s apple trees. Perhaps the time in my life when it had felt so simple. All there were, were the memories of when I’d been happy.

And if there was any place I wanted to be, as I watched Cassandra ascending above me, knowing in seconds I would be right beside her, it was in those memories again. Bringing her with me.

The first stanza finished, and my mind immediately centered. My hands had already been wrapped in the silks without having to think about it. She paused, and I saw her attention drift downward. We fell captive to one another, and it was all I needed to see. I knew it was my turn to go to her. She was waiting for me.

In the same fashion she had moments earlier, I began my way up the silks beside hers, which had been a deep royal purple color. The entire time I made my way high into the room, I immersed myself in the French lyrics, the strings complimenting every rise and fall of the two women’s voices. Some moments, I’d lose myself in what I was doing, taking careful note of all the little adjustments my body was making. Other times, my attention drifted upward. Until finally, I was just beneath Cassandra.

When I paused again, I took a few deep breaths, steadying myself. Focused entirely on the beautiful woman above me, who was just as attentive to me. I nodded to her, signaling I was ready, prepared to follow her in whatever she had thought to do next.

At the precise moment when I had met her, she had already begun moving herself into a sailor pose above me, legs splitting, and much to my satisfaction, every single part of her in perfect position. All the small details I’d shown her the first lesson we’d had together were as pristine as when I’d helped her myself.

I would have taken more time to truly enjoy how proud of her I felt if she hadn’t twisted downward, dropping her torso straight toward me in a graceful fall. Before she’d completed it, I knew what she’d done. A Rainbow Marchenko. A famous move of Jeanne’s for many years. But watching her as she settled into it, I would have thought it was hers alone.

Cassandra’s hands dropped, releasing the silks. Dangling inches away. The only thing holding her in the air was the precise folds of those green fabrics wrapped around her legs.

Looking into her eyes as she hung there, waiting for me to act, all I could do was smile. She’d been focused, lost in her own world, but she’d come back to me. We were together again in the very place I had wanted to be with her ever since I’d seen her flying through the silks at her audition. I had dreamt about it every time since, every lesson we had, every time I’d watched her from the shadows of the theater while she practiced.

I had taken her to those fields in Melun with me, high in the trees. Trapped us both in those treasured memories, made all the better knowing she was there. 

“I’ve got you, Cassandra,” I called out to her, gently. Steadying myself, my body locked in place. Breathing slow and rhythmic and calm. I watched her take the same breath as I had, waiting for the little drop in the lyrics before the next few lines began.

The moment their voices bellowed into the theater again, she let herself drop in a salto. In a gentle sweep of my body, I caught her gracefully into my arms. Twisted us together, letting the silks take hold of the two of us as we swung across the room, dozens of feet above the stage below us. Falling like two feathers locked together, dancing into the wind.

When the fabrics released us, I swung us outward. Our bodies drifted apart again as she spun around me, both of us still descending toward the floor. As beautiful as she looked, circling outward away from me, the moment she had, I wanted her back. I used my legs to give myself enough momentum to swing forward, latching on again once she’d appeared.

Cassandra had been so close I’d felt her breath against my face while we dangled above the stage. I got lost in the way it felt to be tangled up with her, a mess of bodies and fabric. Consumed by it. Convinced I might never let go of her again.

As we’d traversed the rest of the way back to the stage, I didn’t. The two of us descended together as a singular unit, just her and I and the fabrics. Improvising the graceful fall we were doing, finding little tricks and motions to carry out, all the while never leaving her side.

We’d both reached the floor, perfectly in sync with one another. I heard a gentle thump as we landed. Followed by the sound of both of our light, audible breaths. Steadying ourselves back on the ground.

Even having left the air, the silks still wrapped around us. Neither of us had freed ourselves. Cassandra was still in my arms, something I realized, when I hadn’t been so caught up in what we were doing all those feet above us, was happening for the very first time. 

The sweet smell of oranges overwhelmed me. Her beautiful hazel eyes, those captivating flecks of grays and greens and browns, drowned out the world around us. I watched her breathing softly, holding her to me and those silks holding me to her. 

And in those next few moments, every single solitary thing keeping me from her since the day we had met no longer existed in the little reality we were trapped in. Every fear I had, every reservation, disappeared. I tightened her to me, my hands capturing the sides of her face in a gentle sweep, as elegant as every other thing we’d done those last few minutes.

Our mouths fell together, and I lost myself in her. Trapped in those profound and so unbelievably relieving seconds in which the things that had stood in our way no longer mattered. 

I hadn’t thought anything could have surpassed the experience the two of us just shared. Undeniably, it had been the best minutes I had ever spent in those silks in my entire career. As simple as it had been. And we had barely started. This was only the beginning.

But this moment now was just as wonderful. As perfect as I could have hoped.

Q&A With Liza Snow

I’m a thirty-something from the east coast of Florida. I live with my husband of twenty years, and my three pets (labradoodle – Gideon, collie – Neelix, Siberian cat – Vegeta) ten minutes from the beach and I watch rocket launches from my house! It’s pretty cool. When I’m not obsessing about writing, which is almost always, I work a day-job helping veterans get healthcare they deserve, and then nerd out with board games and video games in the evenings, as well as keep up with the latest scifi and fantasy books, when I’m not reading a good spicy romance novel!

I have been writing my entire life practically and telling stories, but I had a really good author friend push me to self-publish seven years ago, right after I lost my mother-in-law to ovarian cancer. I loved my mother-in-law beyond measure, and she always wanted me to be a writer, so I decided to do it after that—and the rest has been history!

I am definitely a plotter, at least as much as I can be. My story always tends to get derailed. For Obedience and Discipline, the first two books of the Ties That Bind Series, my writing process has been interesting. Generally I’ll make an outline, then write a draft. For Obedience, I wrote a rough draft, had about thirty people beta read it, wrote the rough draft of Discipline (book two) while it was being looked at, which I also outlined and I spent every day listening to French music while I wrote to immerse myself haha. Then I got a really good handle on my book, so I went back to rewrite the first book again. THEN I hired on narrators to do the full-cast narrated audiobook back in December of last year, and after that I basically was tweaking and editing the book alongside them while they recorded it. I don’t think I’ll ever write a book the same now. I plan to release audiobooks in tandem with my ebook/paperbacks, so I want to write alongside the narrators as I do. I loved catering to them and trying to plan some of the book around their strengths and how they interpreted my characters. It was a lot of fun, and I think it’s how I was meant to write now. 

I am an avid book reader (especially scifi), I love playing video games and board games, I love D&D—can’t wait to try the new edition! I do love marketing and advertising too, so a lot of times I’ll spend time working on marketing and advertising for my books. And I also binge watch a lot of shows! My latest was Severance, which I HIGHLY recommend!!

It’s different every time. I haven’t celebrated yet really, and I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. I’m just anxious to get it out there! Generally my celebrations involve food of some variety haha. Probably Indian food for Obedience because it’s Chandler (and my) favorite!

Same as above, it really depends. I’m not sure what I’m going to do this time around. I’m honestly as excited about my book releasing as I am the audiobook that my narrators made, and I can’t wait to see how it all does!! I hope people really enjoy it!!

I absolutely adore student-teacher romances and age-gap romances, they’re probably two of my favorite tropes. The aerial silk and circus idea came about because I used to live near Sarasota, so I’d go write at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota sometimes, because it’s gorgeous and right on the water (Ringling Circus). 

One day I ran into this aerial silk performer named Cassandra, who walked around the museum with me. The museum had all this cool artwork of circus stuff in it, and I loved checking it out from time to time. Anyway, she was a traveling performer and she told me, right before we left one another, I should write a book with her as a character one day. So, Obedience and Ties That Bind is in part for her!

Chandler is a lot like me in ways, I gave him a lot of my “quirks” lol and Thomas, his best friend, is based a lot off of my husband Thomas (who irritates me relentlessly like Thomas does to Chandler). Most of the characters are kind of their own entities though, they just came out on their own and I went with it!

It turned into a romantic suspense and I’ve never written a suspense novel before, so trying to keep up with that was probably the hardest part. It’s going to be interesting in the 2nd book now trying to keep up with it. Also, writing alongside my narrators and editing the book was also challenging and fun, because I was editing with them in mind, trying to craft the best story for them to tell, so it was always fun to figure out what little things I could do.

Writing alongside the narrators for the audiobook. When the audiobook came about, it turned into an entirely different experience. I adore my book in and of itself, but it’s “alive” now and my characters are more real and have voices and personalities, and it was wild to get to experience. Getting to edit and work alongside my narrators was the most fun I’ve ever had writing a book ever. It was a blast for the two months we did it, and I hope to continue working with them for the remainder of the series.

Ivy Smoak’s Hunted Series is the first student-teacher romance book I read, and probably what most inspired this book and other student-teacher romances I’ve written. However, Ivy, you better watch out! I’m coming for ya! I hope people love this book. And I hope my office steamy scene is on par with Ivy’s, or maybe you’ll like it even better! Especially if you hear the audiobook version, too! Wowza!

The excerpt I put above is my favorite, from Chapter 18 of Chandler’s. When he finally gives in and they get together. This little video is my favorite lines though, maybe it’ll explain why if you listen to it. 🙂

Chandler Moreau. I just want to give him a hug. He needs more hugs, poor guy. That, and he changed my life, and I just want to tell him what a cool person he is. Even if he’s messy and complicated too. It’s been a joy getting to create him and learn about him and develop him as I work on this series.

Cassandra would be right behind him though. We can just have a group hug, it’s fine.