Meet The Team

Amy D. (She/Her)

Owner & Marketing

I am a mom of 3 boys and 2 angel babes. I am a HUGE advocate for pediatric cancer awareness and a Navy veteran.  I started reading romance stories more often when my son was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and haven’t stopped since.  I love to immerse myself in made-up worlds to get away from real life.

Ivy (She/Her)

Business Manager, Web Design & Maintenance

Dog mom, coffee connoisseur, plant fanatic, and resident bridge troll. When I’m not making pretty things, I’m bundled up under a mountain of blankets with my fur-babies reading. 

Carissa R. (She/Her)

Operations Manager & Proofreader

I’m married to my own personal book boyfriend. I’m also a mom of 2 (one and one, I’m done). I’ve always loved reading, but started seriously reading romance books at the end of 2020 and quickly became addicted. I signed up for many as many ARCs as I could handle, but wanted to be more hands on in helping indie authors. I now PA for a few indie authors and started my proofreading business to help authors make their books as perfect as possible. 

Chessa (She/Her)


I like being called a “wizard” to remind myself I occasionally have brilliant ideas. When I’m not arguing with my husband about being a wizard, I like curling up on the couch with a book, snacks, and my two cats. I am also proudly “that friend” who will point out a misspelled word on your social media page.

Kim (She/her)

Newsletters & Blurbs

I’m a SAHM homeschooling mom of 2 very active children. When I’m not driving to hockey or dance practices, I love reading romance as a way to escape. My go to is contemporary romance but will read anything within the romance genre.

Britt (She/Her)

TikTok & Reels

I’m a mom to one beautiful handful of a girl. Fibro keeps me home and immersed inside worlds that are not my own on a regular basis. My dark-romance reads are my little safe haven from the outside but I read everything from those to classic lit. I will die on the hill that enemies-to-lovers has the best tension though.

Ripley (They/Them)

Book Covers

Parent figure to two children (one of each) and three cat fur babies (two girls one boy). I am a rather large advocate with MS, PTSD, and Autism awareness. I tend to read a large variety of books which happens to include some spicy romance.