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Tess Watters is the Canadian author behind the Men of Styre Cove series that began with her debut novel, Over the Moon. She loves 80’s movies, considers herself to be a pizza connoisseur, and is pretty sure she is funny. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably spending time with her family or planning the next DIY project, much to the chagrin of her husband.


My life in Chicago was perfect. I had a great boyfriend, a great job, and an amazing apartment. 

Then it all went to shit and the city turned its back on me. 

Going home was my only option. Now the man that invaded my fantasies but avoided me for years is my new boss. 


She destroyed the walls I built to protect everyone and made me feel something. 

Made me feel the urge to keep her safe, safe from me. 

And I did a damn good job. 

That is until her life implodes on my watch and I have to do everything to get her back to me and claim what has been mine all along.

Excerpt from Over The Moon

Back in my office, I see where I left my cardigan on my new love seat. Nate upgraded my office earlier this week, in addition to the love seat I also have a new cabinet and finally a drafting table. Since I have no meetings this afternoon, I leave my cardigan off while listening to music and sorting files into the new cabinet. I am distracted when my office door opens and someone enters. I turn around and find Wolf sitting on the love seat, his right foot propped up on his left knee, a drawing tube sitting next to him. We haven’t seen each other since our argument on Monday and I am still fuming at his attempt to control my dating life. I would almost expect it from Nate, but not him. How could I be so mad about someone but at the same time fantasizing about him every night?

My anger overrides my desire to straddle him where he sits. “Are you back for another tongue-lashing? The last one made you leave for days,” I quip. He doesn’t say a word but his gaze takes in my outfit, stopping only to linger on my chest. I have never been more aware that I am not wearing a bra than at this moment. The air conditioning kicked in earlier and my nipples are not only erect but very visible. I take a quick look at my cardigan and move to grab it. 

“Don’t.” I stop and look at him as he rises to his feet and takes the few steps to where I am standing. 

We are once again inches from each other, I can feel the heat of his body reaching out to me, like the lick of a flame. His fire calling me in so we can burn together. He takes one last step and my chest is now against him. I close my eyes for a brief second taking in the sensation of my nipples rubbing against the material of my jumpsuit. This is absolutely sweet torture. I open my eyes and look up at him. His left arm comes around my right side and his fingertips tickle along my exposed spine. My body reacts with a shiver and I see a smirk come across his face. “What are you doing?” I ask in a hushed voice. His eyes dart to my lips, his tongue wets his and for a moment I think––no, pray––that he will kiss me. I am not sure how much longer I can handle the tension. He shakes his head and steps back two steps and brings something between us.

Q&A With Tess Watters

I am from Nova Scotia, living in Ontario. Military family so we are here alone, everyone else is back home. I have always wanted to write but never had the guts (and strong ADHD traits don’t help much). I read a ton when Covid hit and I really narrowed down my tastes. Earlier in 2022 I thought, hey, I could do this. It took months until the story took root but my mind hasn’t stopped since. (currently almost done book 2 out of 3 and there is another dark mafia series that will be coming late next year)

I spend about a week or two developing all the characters and their backstories (childhoods, education, experiences, trauma). Then I outline where I want the story to go and write the main plot points on cue cards. I then make a timeline to start. All the plot points are plotted out and the glue is by the seat of my pants.

I love to read, watch movies, and spend time with my husband and kids.

The first thing I do is cry. All the happy tears!

Haven’t done it yet but I am pretty sure I am ordering take out and cuddling with my kids!

I read a lot of dark mafia books and that is what I set out to write. But when I developed the characters they evolved in such a way that I couldn’t inflict the amount of trauma on them that would be in those stories. I put the main plot idea away for a different series and developed this one.

There are many traces of me and my husband in Aubrey & Wolf.

The heroine’s father is very similar to my father and step-father. A nice combination of the two.

Finding the time between family and a full time job. The writing itself was easy and almost like an act of selfcare.

The twists and turns and making sure that the heroine finds out what happened at the same time as the reader. I also loved going back and adding breadcrumbs. You don’t catch it the first time around but if you read it a second time…. It is all laid out for you!

RK Lilley, Laurelin Page, Natasha Knight. Those are my top favorite authors

 “Love is everything, everything else is nothing.” Said by her dad, Jim, to Wolf.

I would like to punch Derek in the face. I never thought I would hate someone I made up, but I do.

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