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  • 25 credits: $10 Gift Card
  • 50 credits: $20 Gift Card
  • 100 credits: $45 Gift Card
Unfortunately, we can only provide Amazon gift cards to US and Canadian residents.

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How do I get credits?

You can earn credits by participating in tours, posting reviews, and partaking in blitzes! You can earn up to five posts per tour!

  • Post on your blog, bookstagram or booktok: +2 credits
  • Post review on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub: +1 credit per review (3 max)
  • Post Book Blitz: +1 credit
How do I claim my gift card?

You can redeem your points by following this link and submitting the form!

My credits are wrong. What do i do?

No worries! You can fill out our “Claim Your Credits” form, located here.

How do I check my credits?

You can check your credits by typing your email address in the form on this page!