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Kimberly Ann lives in BC, Canada with her husband, two children and ridiculously cute German Shepherd. When she’s not dreaming of stories, she homeschools her two children as they explore the world together, reads anything she can get her hands on, and drinks a lot of coffee.   Growing up with her head lost in a book, it was no surprise when she picked up a pen, or her laptop, to write her own. Kimberly Ann’s stories are based on the world around her as she brings her imagination to life with stories of small towns, swoon-worthy men, and the women that keep them on their toes.

When I left my small hometown of Whiskey Falls after my first hit single, I never looked back. There was nothing left for me there other than disappointment, heartbreak, and reminders of my own failures. Now with my career as the top country singer on the line thanks to a rowdy night out, I’m back home to lick my wounds and find stability for my eight-year-old daughter. The town isn’t forgiving. My family isn’t understanding. The only woman who’s ever loved me despite my shortcomings won’t even look at me. The chemistry between Ella and I is just as strong as ever, but I don’t know if she can see past the hurt at how great we could be. If I’m honest, I don’t know if I can get my life together enough to be everything she deserves.

Excerpt from Second Chance With a Country Star

“Hi, Mom.” I close my eyes as I sink down onto the couch, clutching my phone to my ear. I try to hold back the tears as I hear her voice on the other end of the line. In that moment, I’m not thirty-year-old Greyson Wallace, country music star at the top of his game—or was. Right now I’m a scared boy that needs someone to tell him that it’s going to be okay. That I can bounce back from this.

I stare at the open bottle of Jack on the coffee table in front of me, the smoky scent wafting toward me, making my stomach turn. The smell that once brought me comfort now does the opposite. I want nothing more than to throw the bottle across the room, getting rid of the offensive liquid. Empty glasses and beer bottles are scattered around the room, lining my apartment counter, filling my sink. All reminders of the party I threw last night for no reason other than I could, filling my apartment with people I didn’t know or didn’t particularly care for.

A night that meant nothing to me.

A night that’s going to ruin my life.

“Greyson, baby. What happened?” The worry in her voice does it for me. My tears start to fall and I can’t help it. The next thing I know, I’m a blubbering mess alone on my couch.

“I messed up, Mom. I messed up bad.” It was an understatement, but it’s all that I can manage right now.

“The news is saying you were caught up in drugs. Oh, Greyson, please tell me you aren’t…” I can’t handle her tears through the phone. They only make mine fall harder knowing that I’m breaking her heart with my dumbass decisions.

“They weren’t mine,” is all I can manage to get out. “There were witnesses still sober enough to swear to the cops that I wasn’t even in the same room with the drugs, but the damage was done. Someone leaked photos, making it look like I was doing them.” Anger fills me as I wipe my face with the back of my hand.

“What does that mean?”

“My label dropped me. They said they can’t afford to have another ‘troublesome country star’ on their hands. Whatever the fuck that means. I’ve never given them cause to worry before.”

“Greyson,” she huffed. “You know that’s not exactly true.”

“Come on, Mom. Sure, I like to party but who doesn’t? I’ve never been arrested or ended up in the ER for doing something I should haven’t.”

She stayed silent for a moment in the eerily quiet way that only a mom can be. Just like when I was a child, I don’t know if I’m about to be scolded or given comfort. Even as an adult, I brace for her next words.

“I think you should come home.”

Q&A With Kimberly Ann

I’ve always loved reading and writing. When I was younger, I would read anything I could get my hands on. After having kids, I decided that I should try writing because I was finding it harder to find the type of books I wanted to read.

Chaos. I’m not a plotter AT ALL. I usually start with the characters (usually inspired by a song) and let them take over from there.

I’m usually with my kids. I homeschool them and they’re pretty active as well so if we aren’t learning, I’m taking them to either dance or hockey.

I don’t usually do too much to celebrate. I should start a tradition.

After I knew I was done (for now) with Logan Creek, I wanted to keep the small town setting in BC. I got the idea of doing a rodeo/ranching town, and that’s where Whiskey Falls was born!

No, not really. They tend to be personalities of their own.

Making sure the timeline fit with the other books in the series. I had intended for this to be the third book since Baby, It’s Cold Outside and Faking It with a Cowboy Billionaire were previously released in anthologies, but time wasn’t on my side. Placing it between those two books, I had to make sure the timeline flowed through all three.

I LOVE country music, so writing anything to do with that (and rodeos) was a lot of fun.

I would have to say Elsie Silver and her and her Chestnut Springs series. I love the ranch feel in her small town and it’s set in Canada, too!

I would give them a hug and ask if they want to grab a beer!