Simple Format Upload Page

Thank you so much for purchasing your simple formatting package! Please follow the following instructions closely! RMWB is not responsible for any errors that existed in the manuscript before formatting. Please make sure that you are satisfied with the contents within your manuscript before uploading.

If you purchased you purchased the simple formatting add-on with a scheduled tour, we will need your finished manuscript no later than three weeks prior to your scheduled tour.

You can expect your simply formatted manuscript in your email in 3 – 5 business days after submission.

Include name and link if possible.

Now It's Time To Upload Your Manuscript!

Before you upload your manuscript, please double-check that the following criteria are met. RMWB will not be checking your manuscript for errors unrelated to your formatting, so please make sure you are happy with your text before uploading.

  • Your manuscript is saved as a .docx file
  • Every chapter is separated using headers/subheaders
  • Scene breaks are clearly visible. If not, please make sure to mark them with *** (three asterisks).
  • All forward and back matter is included in this document (such as Praise For, Dedication, Epigraph, Foreword, Introduction, Content Warning, Preface, Afterwords, Acknowledgment pages).