Tour Request: P. Roper, It’s Not That Simple

Bellamy I’m not sure what I expected from the postcard town of Avernus. The place where my Mom grew up but hasn’t returned to in two decades. Everything here is old and picturesque. Without hockey to take up my time anymore, I knew I’d need to figure something else out. It didn’t take me long to see her. With her copper hair carefully tied away from her face, she was surrounded by the most curious combination of people. But I also stumbled upon them that first day. The worst kind of trouble, but I didn’t want to admit it until it was too late. I got myself into this mess, and it’s on me to figure that out. But I’m also far too selfish to not know her. Ace It’s not often that we get new people in our sleepy little town. I could feel him watching me at lunch and in the class that we shared. At first, I felt too busy with other things to investigate his motive. But my curiosity won out. He became a lifeline out of the mundane monotony. A whole adventure, just knowing him. Everything with him felt easy. He was my knight in shining armour. Until I realized just how deep into the dragon’s den he had gotten swept. Because, of course, it was too good. Maybe, he can walk away from the warmth he’s found in the proverbial blaze. But I’m not sure I’m strong enough to stay away from him in the meantime. I can only hope that whatever this is between us doesn’t go up in smoke.

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