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Allie Lasky loves writing happy endings… both the PG13 version and the more risqué version. Her stories frequently feature athletes and sports adjacent professionals. As someone who referred to all athletic activities as sportsball only a few years ago, she has developed into quite the sports fanatic and is a diehard fan of the Boston Bruins and University of Michigan. (No, she didn’t go there.) In her limited free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and the gremlins, the world’s cutest kids.

Sam is the life of every party at her sorority house, but now she’s just one failed class away from losing her softball scholarship and being forced to drop out of school.

Enter Miles, the massive brute of a linebacker with a secret talent for math. As she learns more about him, Sam is drawn to the reclusive giant and his unexpected sweetness.

Miles is convinced that Sam is just another girl who sees him as a big, dumb jock. But when Sam talks him into helping her for the good of their respective athletic teams, they both have to contend with the consequences of their actions.

What starts out as an innocent friendship soon turns into more. A relationship is the last thing either of them wants. So why does it feel so right?

Excerpt from The Game Plan

“You say that like there’s something shameful about dating you,” I tell him. “There isn’t. There’s absolutely no reason at all a girl should be ashamed of being with you.”

Q&A With Allie Lasky

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, but my first clear memory is around 2002 — I was waiting for Order of the Phoenix to come out, and I remember deciding that if JKR wasn’t going to write it fast enough, I would do it FOR HER.  

I think I wrote about 500 words before I called it quits.

But it ignited the writing bug, and I’ve been playing with it ever since.

I call writing “playing with Barbies”—as in, I want to make my Barbies kiss! I have lots of ideas and very little follow through. Most of the time, I get an idea, start thinking it over, obsess over every way it can go wrong, and then forget about it altogether. This usually happens in the span of about 20-30 minutes.

Spend time with my doggy and my gremlins.

Eat some ice cream! Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food, specifically.

I go out for pancakes! In one of my writing groups, we call publishing “flipping pancakes” and so I’ve taken myself out for pancakes when each of my books has been released.

In fall 2020, I was watching college football because there was nothing else going on, and I was intrigued by the defensive line of Michigan’s stellar football team. It got me thinking… why aren’t there books about the big guys? These dudes deserve love just as much as the hotshot quarterback and tight ends.

My Nano 2020 book was already planned. I decided on 10/25/2020 to write 10,000 words of this new idea, and if I hit that mark, I’d write it for Nano in addition to my already planned book. I didn’t write 10,000 words, but I wrote 9,500, and I decided that was enough to make it work. And then it spawned five more books!

Learning about football! Also, Sam is brassy and confident, something I am NOT at all.

Coming up with ideas for the rest of the guys in the house. Each of the roommates get his own book. Only one guy goes pro, and his book is 10 years later, so it’s nice to fully immerse in the college football world.

Emma Black, Liz Hambleton, Elliot Blake, Robin Tenhaeff, Beth Hudson, Alicia Alonso — would not have been able to do it without them!

We crawl beneath the covers and she gets all up in my personal space bubble. Her socked feet tangle with my legs. She takes my favorite pillow and I let her. 


“You say that like there’s something shameful about dating you,” I tell him. “There isn’t. There’s absolutely no reason at all a girl should be ashamed of being with you.