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Tina Spencer, a Canadian author, has nurtured her lifelong dream of becoming a writer since childhood. She pursued her education at Carleton University, earning a major in English Literature and minors in History and Communications. Tina’s love for words started at a very young age, when her family first immigrated to Canada. Discovering a completely new world while learning the language, she quickly fell in love with reading and writing.

When Tina’s not spending her free time writing and agonizing over her fictional characters, she’s working through her endless TBR. She also adores spending time with her family, travelling, and discovering new things. 

Avery used to have high hopes for her future until one traumatic night shattered her into a million pieces. Time went on, scabbing her wounds, and Avery learned how to live within the shadows of her mind while keeping her struggles to herself.

Now in Toronto, the place she has called home for the last three years, Avery’s world abruptly capsizes. With no roof over her head, she decides to fly across the ocean to find solace in the rugged hills of the Scottish Highlands.

What she doesn’t expect to find is an unlikely connection with Lachlan—a brooding, local Scotsman in the small town of Corran—who seems to be navigating through his own darkness. While Lachlan anxiously anticipates Avery’s departure, she relishes the opportunity to evade her mysterious and sullen Scottish neighbour. Immersed in the captivating splendor of the mountains and valleys, Avery directs her attention towards self-discovery, immortalizing the breathtaking scenery within the pages of her sketchbook.

But the bond between Lachlan and Avery is magnetic, pulling them closer together with each passing day. Yet time is running against them, and what Avery doesn’t know is that Corran is protecting something that is meant to stay hidden: a secret that could end in devastation and heartbreak.

Trigger Warning: Mention of previous sexual assault (not on paper, in memory). Depression, anxiety and past trauma. Sexual explicit content (consensual).

Excerpt from Wonderlight

“Are you hungry?” I continue. 

“Not for food.” He takes a step closer to me. 

Oh Jesus. 

More slow steps, and his heady scent surrounds me. My eyes roam down his stomach, taking the opportunity to really enjoy him up close, without wanting to hide or run from my emotions. Lachlan takes one final step, closing the distance between us, as he dips a finger into the bowl. I hold my breath as he lifts a blob of cream and sucks it off his finger. He takes a laboured breath, his eyes on mine as he dips the same finger back into the bowl. I watch as he withdraws it, the tip coated in creamy goodness. This time, he doesn’t put it in his mouth.

He leans forward and smears the cream onto the hollow of my neck.  

I’m not sure I’m breathing. 

“What are you doing?” I croak.

“Tell me to leave,” he urges, going in for more cream. 

His cream soaked finger traces up my neck, all the way up to my chin. He curls his finger under, nudging my face up as he stares down at me with the same desperate eyes in the forest at Kintail. Right before he kissed me.

I shake my head slowly.

He reaches down torturously slow, dipping his finger back into the bowl. Raising it up, he traces a path of cream from my chin to my lips. My mouth parts and I drag my tongue across the rough pad of his index finger, savouring the sweet flavour off his skin.

He hisses, closing his eyes.

“Avery,” he whispers my name.

I quiver under his touch, my knuckles white from holding onto the glass bowl so tightly. Lachlan grabs the bowl from my clenched hands and places it on the counter behind me.

“Tell me to leave, Avery.” Lachlan stands frozen, breathing slow through his nose.

“I don’t want you to leave.” 

He glances down, gently tugging at the edge of my robe and releasing it from my hold. The material falls free, exposing my body. The back of his hand brushes along my chest before he removes it, taking in a sharp breath.  

“No?” he asks, his fierce eyes on mine as he gives me another chance to turn him away. To reject him. 

“Do you want me to ask you to leave? It shouldn’t be this hard to want this.” Cream drips down my collarbone and his eyes trace the movement. 

I remain frozen, holding my breath in anticipation for the incoming chill. He could walk away. Leave me here like this; vulnerable and insecure with cream dripping down my neck.

Lachlan grips the back of my hair, tilting my face up. He bends down, his warm tongue makes contact with my skin as Lachlan slowly licks the cream from my chest up to my collarbone to my neck. Sharp tingles erupt from my spine, shooting down my legs, caressing my knees before settling in between my toes. He tastes my chin, hovering above as he stares down at me through heavy eyelids.

“I’ve wanted you for so fucking long,” his breath falls against my lips. “I tried to stay away from you, but I don’t think I can do it any longer.” 

“Then don’t,” I murmur. 

My words break the tether holding him back as his lips crush into mine. His grip tightens in my hair and I dive into him. With each breathless gasp, I dig my nails deeper into his corded shoulders, feeling the strength of his muscles beneath my fingertips.

I’m on fucking fire.

His rapid heart races against my own. Lachlan grabs my ass, pulling me up onto the counter as he steps in between my legs. The robe slides off my shoulders, pooling around me. And we become all mouth and tongue and hands, as if we’re racing towards an imaginary finish line after a triathlon. Pleasure rolls through me as my core throbs with fresh desire. 

This feels so good. His touch is comforting and thrilling all at once, and I can’t get enough. I’m trapped in a lustful trance and I don’t ever want to wake up.

Q&A With Tina Spencer

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. Leaving notes and little stories on my parent’s bed, with imaginary characters and friends. It’s always been a part of who I am at my core, as well as reading books. I’m a literature junkie and obsessed with the written word. I’ve been trying different genres over the years and nothing really stuck until last year when I started writing my first contemporary romance. I fell in love with the characters and the storyline…there is nothing more powerful than love.

The characters come to me first and then I draw out a rough storyboard sketch. After that, I sit down and write. I really allow my characters to drive the story and sometimes they take me in a different direction.

Getting through my endless TBR, playing with my two kiddos, traveling, relaxing and working out.

I usually cry for a solid two hours! LOL wish I was joking but I am an emotional person and get sucked into the story. It’s a huge deal when you write those two words “The End”.

I’ve only had one release so far but it was an amazing, emotional and breath taking rollercoaster of a day. I just rode the waves and tried to keep up with all the love that poured in. I also went out to dinner with my family to celebrate.

These characters have been in my head for a few years, I honestly didn’t think anyone would want to read a book like this or if I would even finish it. I sat down to write this book as a way to find myself after a very difficult battle with postpartum depression and it brought me back to life.

The editing process. What a mountain that was but so worth it.

The spicy scenes and watching my characters develop throughout the book.

H.D Carleton, Tessa Bailey, Taylor Jenkins Reid.

There are so many but this one speaks out to me the most so I’m going to share it. 

“Maybe healing isn’t about trying to erase the past or abandon the pain. Life doesn’t work like that; broken hearts don’t magically put themselves back together. Grief never lets you forget the loss you went through, the emotions you felt sitting in a cold hospital room, all alone. That type of pain will always be with you, no matter who you are. Maybe it’s not about forgetting, but learning how to breathe around the broken pieces of yourself, until inhaling doesn’t burn. It’s about learning how to love yourself after you fall apart. 

Finding happiness and light in the aftermath.”

I would have to pick my current MMC Dominik (work in progress which will be released in early 2024). And I would ask him to spend an entire night on the hockey rink with me, teaching me how to skate amongst other things 😉